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Our coffee is “hands down” the best in the Caribbean...and quite possibly tops all coffees grown throughout the Americas. You may ask – how, I...co-owner and CEO of Spirit Mountain, could make such a bold statement? To fully understand and appreciate this conviction, I invite you to visit our plantation and explore for yourself; I am confident you will return home a believer. Until then, let me give you a sneak preview.

Our coffee tastes great because our plants are grown under ideal conditions. Nestled within the highest mountain range on the island, our coffee thrives naturally in the deep fertile soils, sheltered under a multi-storied shade canopy and watered throughout the year by plentiful rainfall. We go to great pains throughout cultivation, harvest and processing to ensure the absolute highest quality. Our staff are well equipped, highly motivated and care deeply about everything they do at Spirit Mountain.

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is second to none. I am personally convinced that we must look for sustainable ways to grow more food, in ever more divers environments without negatively affecting our forests. We are the caretakers of creation, and every decision we make has consequences. The biodiversity found at Spirit Mountain is remarkable, and no other location in the Cordillera Central mountain range can so many different species of Endemic, Native and Migrant birds be observed in their natural habitat. We are founding members of an initiative to establish a network of Private Protected Areas in the DR. Our plantation was the first in the Caribbean to be awarded the Rain Forest Alliance certification. We work closely with universities in Canada, Germany, the US and the Dominican Republic to develop better sustainable agro-forestry practices that may someday be applied all over the tropics.

Drinking our brew is changing the World, one life at a time. You can be assured that drinking Spirit Mountain Coffee actually alters the future trajectory of young students, in a very real and practical way. Proceeds from the sale of our coffee go to support the educational efforts of the Doulos Discovery School. We are confident that Doulos graduates will soon begin making huge impacts on the future direction of the Dominican Republic and beyond.

Estancia Natura is a new sustainable eco-tourism initiative at Spirit Mountain. Everything that we are doing is simply too amazing to keep to ourselves, and we must share this with more people. We just received the “Gold” certification from Dominican Treasures. Involving the local community, creating better jobs and improving the wellbeing of our neighbors is paramount. Not only do we supply our entire community with crystal clear drinking water, we are also committed to improving literacy and educational locally. In a collaborative effort with the Doulos Discovery School, Colorado Designs and the German Embassy, we just finished the construction of a brand new preschool and library.

So, I encourage you to try a cup of Spirit Mountain Coffee, and while your enjoying our smooth brew, try to imagine yourself in this tropical paradise...our back yard...and know your helping to make a difference in the lives of generation to come in more ways than one.

Un Fuerte Abrazo – Chad Wallace





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