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Coffee Farm as a Summer Camp

By Krista Adams Wallace This story is the third in a series of 4 blog posts on the different ways we’ve utilized Spirit Mountain Coffee Farm. Several years ago, friends of ours from Santo Domingo were sharing that they were looking for a summer camp for their kids,...

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Coffee Farm as a Classroom

by Krista Adams Wallace When you think of the perfect classroom, what comes to mind? Four walls, desks lined up in rows, and a SmartBoard? Not me! The perfect classroom is a space that sparks curiosity, creativity, and conversation. Since 2004, we’ve been using Spirit...

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Latte Art 101

by Kathryn Wallace Video:  Latte Art 101 Ever wondered how an espresso is transformed into a work of art? I’ve been working as a barista in trendy coffee shops in NYC for the last three years and the following are steps in creating an art-worthy latte: There are three...

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Coffee Farm as a Retreat

The entrance to our coffee farm looks anything but peaceful. First of all, just to get to the farm takes commitment. Determination. And a damn good 4x4 vehicle. The first 12 km from Jarabacoa to Manabao are on pavement. It’s a beautiful drive into the...

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Partnering with Roasters

While in NYC this past week, we spent over three hours round trip in transit on the subway across Manhattan on the 1 train, then east on the local bus. It was worth it. We got to meet Nic, one of our new roasting partners in Brooklyn. Nic is a kindred spirit,...

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