While in NYC this past week, we spent over three hours round trip in transit on the subway across Manhattan on the 1 train, then east on the local bus. It was worth it. We got to meet Nic, one of our new roasting partners in Brooklyn.

Nic is a kindred spirit, stumbling into coffee after pursuing ministry and discovering that coffee can be a powerful vehicle for creating community.

We spent the afternoon hearing his story and learning more about Spectrum Coffee. And we walked away with a new friend.

Finding the right relationship is important to us at Spirit Mountain. We seek roasters with similar goals for their business and a desire to build a relationship with their farmers.

We believe that business is a powerful tool for impacting the world around us and we are always seeking roasting partners who want to change their world.

Our goal is to personally visit all of our roasting partners. In turn, we invite our roasters to visit the coffee farm in the Dominican Republic.

There is something magical that happens when we step into each other’s world: We gain a better perspective for what we can provide for each other. We generate ideas on how we can provide a better cup of coffee. And we can encourage each other as we seek to improve our small corner of the universe.

We consider our roasting partners more than just business partners. They are our friends.

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