Dear future neighbor, 

As the pace of life accelerates and relentlessly threatens the integrity of our families, how do we stay together and creat a legacy worth passing on to our kids?

For more than twenty years, Spirit Mountain has been one of those rare magical places where families go to reconnect, heal, explore together; all while building lasting memories.  

If building legacy and a sense of place for your family is important, we can help, with three simple steps.

Step One: We invite you to spend a weekend at the farm, disconnect from daily distractions and creat space to be intentional with the ones you love.   Allow the Estancia Natura Hospitality team and the Spirit Mountain farm staff to serve you and your family.  The reason many of you are reading this is likely because your family has already been our guest at the farm and you want more!

Step Two: Seriously consider one of two paths for creating a permanent legacy for your family at Spirit Mountain.  Option one, build a family get away at the top of the farm on a large private lot with expansive views of the tallest mountains on the island.  (Architecture Link)  The second option is to join La Estancia Eco-Lodge collective.  This is a condominium product featuring individual ownership of a uniquely designed A-Frame hybrid mountain villa, with multiple sizes. (include a link to the FAQ – General Estancia Natura Questions) 

Step Three: Schedule a 30 minute call with with the owners!  You can speak with Katheryn Lake.  Spirit Mountain is Kate’s family farm, she grew up in Jarabacoa and spent many a weekend at the farm with her family.  Kathryn would be glad to walk you through the simple process of making Estancia Natura at Spirit Mountain a permanent part of your family legacy. 

There are only 25 private Mountain lots available and 24 units at La Estancia Eco Lodge.  If you and your family have experienced something special at Spirit Mountain, don’t miss this opportunity.  

There are decisions we make that become foundational in the overall trajectory of our family.  Becoming one of 50 families that will call Spirit Mountain home is a dream worth pursuing.  

If you want something something special for your family and would like to do this with a team committed to to building legacy, give Kathryn a call.  She would be more than excited to walk you though our path to ownership.  

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Un Fuerte Abrazo, 

Chad Wallace 

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